I've been a Meraki MX user since Nov '14 and I think it's a great product but it lacked a community for it's users to collaborate on the direction we want the product to go in with new features. I want this to get the attention of Meraki and hopefully they'll join us in implementing these features.

1/4/16 Update: Meraki has begun responding to various posts!

Right now this site running on the free version of UserEcho so it doesn't have some features I'd like it to have (such as tagging).

Rob Geoghan
rgeoghan {at} gmail.com


Automation & management of client VPN settings

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
Meraki doesn't provide a method to automatically deploy the client VPN settings to the users.  I was able to automate it myself about 95% but I had to tell the users what the PSK was and then they'd authenticate with their Active Directory credentials as well.  Users can also choose if they want to use split of full tunnel.  We as admins should control that choice.

Client VPN username flexibility

Rob Geoghan 5 years ago updated by Cisco Meraki 5 years ago 1

I want the Client VPN authentication be configured to accept jdoe and jdoe@yourdomain.com as the username.

It's tough to educate the users when settings are often inconsistent and adjusting this would be another step in making things easier.

Show a summary of all network on one page

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
I have 6 different networks (separate physical offices) and I can't view the summary of them all on one page.

System manager connectivity alert - more customizable time period

Rob Geoghan 5 years ago 0

Currently you can only select a time up to 60 minutes which is too sensitive for my liking. I want to know if a client is offline for more than a day.


Make the rack mounts for the MS220 and 320 adjustable.

Todd Freer 6 years ago 0
Some of our racks do not fit the 320 switch so we are forced to use the MS220 which loses the 10GB option.