I've been a Meraki MX user since Nov '14 and I think it's a great product but it lacked a community for it's users to collaborate on the direction we want the product to go in with new features. I want this to get the attention of Meraki and hopefully they'll join us in implementing these features.

1/4/16 Update: Meraki has begun responding to various posts!

Right now this site running on the free version of UserEcho so it doesn't have some features I'd like it to have (such as tagging).

Rob Geoghan
rgeoghan {at} gmail.com


Include basic environmental monitoring

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2
Since any environmental monitoring (temp, humidity, water) needs to communicate with the internet to get it's message out why not include it at the firewall level.  This could be integrated in future models or be retrofitted to share the USB port and be an external add on.

Allow configurable cellular connectivity alerts

Rob Geoghan 5 years ago updated by Cisco Meraki 5 years ago 1

Cellular connections are intended to only be backups. I don't want to get an email that the connection has gone down for 2 minutes. I'd like to be able to adjust sensitivity on that alert to alert me only if the cellular connection has gone down for an extended period.
Example: After a MX firmware upgrade my UML290 modem needed to have it's firmware upgraded to connect. Since I didn't have an alert for this setting I went a few months without knowing that my cellular connection wasn't going to be there if I needed it.


Measuring Device Usage and Screen Time

1Paul 4 years ago 0

Screen time has become a hot topic in education, and so we are getting requests from our administration to measure how long a student spends on their school-issued iPad each day, optimally broken down by the minute. Systems Manager currently measures connectivity, but not usage, to my knowledge. Unfortunately all effective third-party applications for measuring screen time are installed as device management software, and so are unusable in conjunction with Meraki (Apple will not allow more than one management software at a time). We are also not running a Meraki switch and access point environment, so it would be a huge help if this feature were available simply through Systems Manager, please. Thank you for your consideration!


Firewall log filtering

Ken D 5 years ago 0

Ability to use boolean expressions to search firewall logs for drops based on srcIP, dstIP, or port. Similar to Checkpoint or Palo Alto dashboards.


Show upload and download separately in graphs

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 1
With the recent introduction of Netflow support said this is possible by setting up an external server but one of the best things about Meraki is a single interface for the small shops that don't want to be setting up external monitoring servers when it could be builtin.

Ability to label specific traffic

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
I use Veeam for my backup and replication.  My bandwidth charts attribute that data as non-web tcp.  I'd like to break that up by port and label the subset of that traffic as Veeam traffic.

Allow users to request access to a blocked URL

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
When reaching a blocked page there should be a link to request the user to access the URL.  This link could ideally trigger an email to a low level admin who could check the site and then click a link in the email to approve it and then notify the user.

Primary uplink status alert for Z1

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
I wish the Z1 would alert on primary uplink status change (failover to cellular). All the MX devices have this feature.

The MX appliances need to be able to do redundant VPNs over two ISPs.

Bailmeout 6 years ago updated by Rob Geoghan 4 years ago 7
The MX appliances need to be able to do redundant VPNs over two ISPs. My situation is that each office has two ISPs and we have IPSEC VPNs to Amazon (AWS). If the primary ISP goes I need the VPN to establish over the second ISP. The MX cannot do this as the ‘Private subnets’ cannot be defined on two VPN connections. Support fob the issue off to the other side saying that they need to handle the failover which is really not acceptable. Can some at Meraki let me know is this is on any roadmaps?

Show resource usage of MR devices in Dashboard

Owen Pragel 5 years ago 0

Meraki MR APs don't provide any information on how much RAM, CPU, etc are being consumed, which is important for troubleshooting and sizing your deployment.

I know that if you call support, Meraki support reps can see and will provide average CPU load readouts over the last 1, 3, and 15 minutes.