I've been a Meraki MX user since Nov '14 and I think it's a great product but it lacked a community for it's users to collaborate on the direction we want the product to go in with new features. I want this to get the attention of Meraki and hopefully they'll join us in implementing these features.

1/4/16 Update: Meraki has begun responding to various posts!

Right now this site running on the free version of UserEcho so it doesn't have some features I'd like it to have (such as tagging).

Rob Geoghan
rgeoghan {at} gmail.com


Meraki health status page

Rob Geoghan 1 year ago 0

I assume that the dashboard was down 2/28 because of the Amazon S3 outage. Please create an independent site where I can check the health status of the Meraki dashboard similar to what Amazon (https://status.aws.amazon.com) and many other providers have.


Limit VPN users to a specific group in Active Directory

Rob Geoghan 3 years ago 0
When AD authentication not everyone should be able to connect to the VPN.  There should be an option to limit VPN access to those in a specific group(s)

Schedule reboot

Rob Geoghan 11 months ago • updated by Matthew Smith 8 months ago 1

Title says it all.

Sometimes when troubleshooting an issue I'd like to reboot the MX overnight.


Show LAN port statistics on MX

Rob Geoghan 2 years ago 0

You should be able to see how much data and other stats on a LAN port by LAN port basis on the MX line.


Show firmware version in dashboard

Rob Geoghan 2 years ago • updated 10 months ago 1

I recently was troubleshooting an issue that I was experiencing on one of my two MX64s devices. The only difference I believed what that they were running different firmware versions but I needed to cal into support to find that out. They changed the firmware to match the version of the other MX64 and my problem went away.


Abnormal performance alerts and or logging

Rob Geoghan 3 years ago • updated 1 year ago 1
I wish there were alerts/logging when the bandwidth usage or latency has a large deviation (configurable) from the norm so a review could be taken.

Enable wake on LAN (WOL) on MX series

Rob Geoghan 3 years ago • updated 2 years ago 3
Enable wake on LAN (WOL) on MX series to allow you to wake up other computers on the LAN. This is a feature that is on the MS line of switches and I'd like it to be implemented on the MX line as well.

Alert when WAN 2 goes down

Rob Geoghan 2 years ago • updated by MP-DTC 8 months ago 1

You can't set alerts on the secondary WAN connection. It would really suck to be paying for a secondary WAN connection only to not notice that it went down for a long time without you noticing it.


Provide executive style reports on web surfing history

Rob Geoghan 3 years ago • updated 2 years ago 1
I've been asked in the past to provide management a report on what sites a person has been visiting and the reports haven't been very helpful.  I have found that Barracuda makes some decent high level reports of all users and that can be sent to managers as a scheduled email automatically.

Get mac addresses of devices plugged into MX LAN ports

Rob Geoghan 1 year ago 0

Title says it all. It's a minor thing but should be a simple fix.