I've been a Meraki MX user since Nov '14 and I think it's a great product but it lacked a community for it's users to collaborate on the direction we want the product to go in with new features. I want this to get the attention of Meraki and hopefully they'll join us in implementing these features.

1/4/16 Update: Meraki has begun responding to various posts!

Right now this site running on the free version of UserEcho so it doesn't have some features I'd like it to have (such as tagging).

Rob Geoghan
rgeoghan {at} gmail.com


Statistics on site to site VPNs

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 3
There is only a live view of the VPN latency.  This view should be improved to show historical latency, bandwidth traversing the VPN, up times, etc.

Date KB articles

Rob Geoghan 5 years ago 0

This is a simple/minor request, please date your KB articles so we have a rough idea if they are up to date and relate to the latest firmware. It's weird that they aren't dated.


Client VPN failover across multiple networks

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
I think it's great that Meraki provides the dynamic-m.com service.  I'd like to see it expanded to other networks.  My users currently authenticate to network-ajksd.dynamic-m.com which connects to the current primary uplink.  If that network goes completely down I'd like them to connect to the same address which would use the primary uplink of another MX at a different location.

Allow creation of organizational group policies

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
I wish I could create organization group policies instead of network group policies. If you create a group policy currently it only applies to 1 network.

Layer 7 application reporting

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago 0
With all the Flash exploits I'm considering just uninstalling it for most people. With Meraki's Layer 7 fingerprinting it's not currently possible to get a report on the users and websites accessed that are using Flash.

Add 10GB SFP+ ports to the MS200 switches

Todd Freer 6 years ago updated by Edmund Robinson 6 years ago 1

Show 3rd party VPN information on the VPN Status page

Mike Poublon 6 years ago updated by Brandon Svec 6 years ago 1

Having the 3rd party VPN feature is great, but having to guess about the status of the connection by looking at the system log leaves a lot to be desired.


Add ICMP to protocols in Flow preferences

Mark Lein 4 years ago 0

Currently in Security Appliance --> Configure --> Traffic shaping --> Flow preferences, you can chose TCP or UDP or Any which is just both TCP and UDP. It would be great if Any actually meant any, not just TCP and UDP. Or add ICMP to the list. This way those of us with dual WAN can monitor latency through both connections.


MANY:MANY NAT and Address Groups.

dlamon 4 years ago 0

For the MX security appliances would like the option to have a Many to Many NAT. Also would like to have a feature request to use Address Groups similar to how Sonicwall handles them.  Multiple Public IP's or range of Public IP's to multiple internal IP's.  


DNS Misconfigured alerts

Stephan W. 5 years ago updated by Michael Aguirre 5 years ago 1

Ability under "General" For security appliances to have an alert setup for "DNS Misconfigured" as this helps to notify of any possibly latency or reason to changes to VPN traffic (especially when using the Auto-VPN feature in Hub/Spoke model). Almost every time there is a VPN connectivity change it is usually due to the security appliance having a DNS misconfigured or detecting a change.