DNS Misconfigured alerts

Stephan W. 4 years ago updated by Michael Aguirre 4 years ago 1

Ability under "General" For security appliances to have an alert setup for "DNS Misconfigured" as this helps to notify of any possibly latency or reason to changes to VPN traffic (especially when using the Auto-VPN feature in Hub/Spoke model). Almost every time there is a VPN connectivity change it is usually due to the security appliance having a DNS misconfigured or detecting a change.

Thanks, your comments may have helped me. Interestingly enough, nothing was mis-configured on my end, but instead, my ISP's provided DNS directly affects connectivity/latency due to poor reliability. We will be most likely be switching to openDNS. However, there is a huge limitation on notifications/alerts and capabilities that a cloud managed system should have. Perhaps there is better visibility I use a syslog server where i can also create my own alerts? Interested if anyone has done this yet.