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Enable wake on LAN (WOL) on MX series

Rob Geoghan 6 years ago updated 3 years ago 5
Enable wake on LAN (WOL) on MX series to allow you to wake up other computers on the LAN. This is a feature that is on the MS line of switches and I'd like it to be implemented on the MX line as well.

I'm on a beta firmware that appears to have included this issue. No word on an actual release date.


This is now available in the latest GA.


I don't see it in Meraki MX64. I even tried the beta channel. What is the configuration under?

Under review

@Joe I believe it was under appliance status, tools but I don't see it there anymore.  My post was from 3 years ago so its certainly not fresh on my mind.  I'm more certain that it's a feature of their MS switching line. I'd recommend contacting support to get their take.